Learn more about how the models work

1 - Creating a machine learning model

Go to models, click on the "+" button at the top left.

Then, you have to select an algorithm, data and parameters.

Select an algorithm with parameters :

This algorithm stands for "Support Vector Machine".

Here is a famous scientific paper that demonstrates the effectiveness of SVM in predicting the stock market : Cao, L. J., & Tay, F. E. H. (2003). Support vector machine with adaptive parameters in financial time series forecasting. IEEE Transactions on neural networks, 14(6), 1506-1518.

The parameters available are :

Select a data source:

  • Robinhood

  • Interactive Brokers

  • Charles Schwab

  • Alpaca Markets

  • TD Ameritrade

  • IG Markets

  • Oanda

  • Degiro

  • TradeRepublic

  • Samco

  • Tradier

  • Trading Technologies

  • Zerodha

Then select a granularity and a period. The longer the period, the longer the training but the more interesting the results.

Then click on "save".

2 - Training & backtesting the model

Click on the training icon and click on "Train & backtest", then wait.

Once your model trained (check your chat messages), you get the results.

The graph show the cumulative returns of the asset (BUY and HOLD strategy) in black and that of the model in yellow.

Below are (in order from left to right):

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