Interactive Brokers

How to create a model based on Interactive Brokers' data

Video tutorial :

Text tutorial :

3 steps:

  • Setup Ngrok

  • Setup TraderWorkstation

  • Setup Swiss33

Make sure to have a working Interactive Brokers account :

This tutorial works for both MacOS and Windows.

1. Setup Ngrok

  • In a terminal, enter :

ngrok config add-authtoken YOUR_PRIVATE_TOKEN
  • It must echo :

Authtoken saved to configuration file : path\to\file\ngrok.yml

2. Setup TradeWorkstation

  • Download, install and launch TWS

  • If you want to trade with virtual money, log in to the paper mode, else in the live mode

  • In the TWS, go to Settings > API > Settings

  • Check "Enable ActiveX and Socket Clients"

  • Uncheck "Read-Only API"

  • Remember the socket port (7497 by default for paper trading, 7496 for live trading)

  • Click on "Apply"

  • Go to your terminal and enter :

ngrok tcp 7497

if your modified the socket port to 6666, for instance, it should be :

ngrok tcp 6666
  • copy the link that starts with "tcp", in the format tcp://

3. Setup Swiss33

  • Go to the model's page of Swiss33

  • Create a model, by choosing the algorithm you want and of course Interactive Brokers as a data source

  • You will be asked to enter the link you copied right before :

  • So, enter your link tcp:// in "Trader Workstation's connection"

Done !

You can the train your model, backtest it, deploy it as a bot like for any other broker.

Don't forget that while you handle data from Interactive Brokers, your TWS and Ngrok must be on, otherwise it will stop.

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